This episode was the biggest waste of time really. The plot hardly advanced, it was just purely a sit back relax, have a laugh and enjoy the episode.

Asuma’s team arrived at the temple, meeting with other monks,who said Chiriku’s body is missing. With that in mind, they indentified that Chiriku had a bounty on his head. With every bounty, comes an exchange point. In the bounty book, there were 5 exchange points. They sent out birds to 4 other platoons to check the points while Asuma’s team headed towards the closest one, after listening to a monk’s prayer.

An interesting scene at Ichiraku. We haven’t seen Ichiraku these days. Naruto’s all hungry and depressed, hoping to eat his favourite pork ramen, but to his disgust, the menu has changed. Ichiraku no longer served Ramen, but they served…TSUKEMEN, and TSUKEMEN ONLY! First time hearing of the Tsukemen, and really I find there’s absolutely no difference between Ramen and Tsukemen. Naruto still had his ways to get his beloved Ramen. In doing so, he endured a couple of long minutes so that Ayame and her dad could perfect the noodles and soup. In the end, after receiving the seperate bowls of soup and noodles, Naruto just pours the soup into the noodle bowls, to create his beloved ramen. A great scene, watching can only capture the humour of it. This reminds me though, I will try Tsukemen in Japan! Mark my words!

The final scene did not make much sense to me. Back at Ichiraku, Kakashi was saying to Naruto he was going to show Naruto something cool. At the training field, Kakashi formed Rasengan. Clearly it’s not surprise due to his Sharingan, but I don’t understand why Naruto would be so amazed and dazzled at this. It’s something to do with training but you’d think by now, all our characters would realise Kakashi can do any Jutsu he wants. Stupid Naruto!

Next episode, Asuma and his team up against Akatsuki. And guess what, it’s a double episode!