Been a while since I had seen this episode. I consider this episode to be a ‘plot twister,’ in the sense that everything we thought of Twenty Faces could be bad. Chizuko coincidentally meets Twenty’s teacher/professor. From this professor, Chizuko learnt about Twenty’s mysterious past, being a skillful scientist. The best scientist too. Twenty and his team was creating power to generate enough energy to power a whole city. How would you get this power and energy? Recall back to episode 4, when Twenty talked about the 4th state of water. It’s beginning to make perfect sense now. As Chizuko muttered, an unknown unseen form of energy was being researched before. But what has this go to do with anything? The professor suggests that Twenty is up to no good, as this power can potentially wipe out a city. He believes Chizuko has been used to help Twenty with his plans of evil. Clearly a contrast to everything we’ve seen.

Through the previous episodes, we’ve been led to believe Twenty is this good guy who is labelled as a bad guy. But with this shock up, are we still gonna believe there’s good in Twenty? Chizuko had her doubts, though she explains that Twenty did not use her, she’s still determined to find out Twenty’s real intentions. This will lead to the next episode, when she’s traveling with the professor to an unknown destination. I’m biased to trust Twenty’s actions, he’s just too good to break out of his already awesome image. It just can’t!

With this up in the air, this series is bound to end on a great note. It is hard to predict what will happen. It was a surprise that Chizuko was doubted on her trust with Twenty, and I thought it was an effective way to heighten the quality of this episode. Fingers crossed that we see Twenty next episode!