Haven’t seen this for ages! And I’m glad this episode was a thrill to watch.

Tome and Chizuko are settling in the mansion the aunt was forced to give, in exchange for the rumour silencing. Koito finds her way to the mansion after being called by Tome to come. Koito and Chizuko had an awkward conversation, with Koito asking about Twenty, forcing Chizuko to either be silent or overly complimenting him. Tome comes in with tea to see the two of them in intimate range, saying ‘I used to play like that.’ Disturbing if you know what I mean. Anyway, Koito made the move to form the The Detective Women The Detective Girls. There was this very dramatic introduction to all the members. Chizuko is this ‘brute force specialist,’ Tome with her ‘sex appeal,’ she can get any information with her bust size! And Koito with her brains…funnily enough she has no brains to begin with, but still labels herself as that. And what was more funny was Koito wanted to make a movie of this. This made Tome leave the room. Lame idea much!

What would we do without our fat detective Akine. He’s taken alot of screentime this episode, being asked by the Aunt to steal something from Tome and Chizuko’s mansion. A bottle with all the pills, since its evidence that could put her into gaol. As Akine approaches the door, Koito notices him, likening him to a fat Japanese Racoon. Akine is in the house, acting very suspicious, saying how glad he was that everyone is alright. All the girls had their suspicions correct. Tome left the other three to do something. The girls asked Akine to talk about how he saved Chizuko from Twenty. So Akine boosts his ego, acting dramatically, telling the story of how he saved Chizuko!! Akine should be complimented for being a retard! He excuses himself to go to the toilet, allowing him to find the bottle in the house. He enters a Japanese Style Room, where he’s about to look into a box, when Tome takes him by surprise. Akine is all tense, with Tome aggressively interrogating him. Tome accuses him of being hired by the aunt, but he says he heard people in the room. Clearly he didn’t know, but when he opened the cupboard doors, there were actually people in there. Pow pow they ran out, two men off to capture Chizuko.

Tome screams, prompting Chizuko and Koito to come. The two men, after seeing Chizuko immediately pursue her. Chizuko runs, like always. She jumps out of a window, does acrobatics on the tree branch and continues to run. Obviously the men follow to. Koito thought it would be FUN to chase, but as she’s restrained by Tome.

Chizuko keeps running but the men surround her. It’s only coincidence that there was a broom for the tombstones around that she could use against them. Her moves were very epic. Used the broom for the height propulsion, then leg torpedoing one of the men. Yea, just lots of spinning action with the broom. After putting the one of the men down.Koito and Tome come on a bicycle, pot head (yes visually) Koito declaring beating up the men as their first case. I could sense Tome was cringing. Anyway, Tome pushes the pedals, going down the stairs at a crazy speed, forces pushing the bicycle off the steps into the air. One of the men were lucky that Tome was wearing a dress, seeing everything under. But too bad he got landed on. Clutter Clutter. The man is in Tome’s jugs. The other man attempts to stab Chizuko but is stopped by Akine, who came out of no where. Stopped by a toy gun however, but it still worked, saving the day.

All is good, the police arrested the two men. Akine reflects upon how Chizuko is like his little sister he lost, reflecting upon Twenty’s words when he was disguised as Akechi. With that, I don’t know why Tome gave him the bottle, but she did. I thought at this stage, Akechi was still playing the pretence, but when he’s at the aunt’s place, he threatens her as he had started to spread rumours of her wrong doing. She tries to bribe him but he accepts nothing. Good man Akine!