I’m not a follower of the Bleach manga and anime, but I do watch the movies. I’ve got to say, this movie kinda shifted the fighting action away from Toushirou, which is a shame because it is his damn movie. I felt Ichigo had more fighting screen time than Toushirou. They could’ve made an epic fight scenee between Kusaka and Toushirou.

Less about my thoughts, more about plot. The story in the movie revolves around Toushirou and a friend of his, Kusaka Soujirou. History. Toushirou and Kusaka were mates, before getting the Zanpukutos, but the problem lay in that they both wielded Hyouinmaru but at the time, Soul Society Laws did not allow to have two wielders of the same swords, so one had to be deciding, prompting to a fight to the death. Our awesome Toushirou beats Kusaka, and hence becomes the wielder of Hyouinmaru.

Toushirou’s team had to protect a special ceremony handing over a King’s Seal, which has the power to manipulate time and matter. However, things go wrong, when it gets stolen, destruction occurs and Toushirou goes missing. Soul Society decided to arrest Toushirou for disobeying laws, sending everyone after him. Toushirou’s intentions are unknown at this time but we soon find out he’s off to meet Kusaka, who was reincarnated thanks to the seal. Kusaka’s plan was to cut the King’s Seal to gain lots of powers, but to have Toushirou help him too. Ichigo finds out about Toushirou’s situation, tries to help him but gets rejected.

Lala, man hunts to get rebelling Toushirou. But in the end, Toushirou atones for his crimes and rebels against his own friend, causing Kusaka uses the power of the seal to become this Ice monster, and attempting to gain revenege on the society for getting himself killed. Trying to obliterate everyone in Soul Society, the captains try to stop whilst Ichigo,Renji,Rukia,Matsumoto,Ikkaku,Toushirou and gay dude(forgot his name) and a load of other people to kill Kusaka. In the end, Ichigo does the killing blow to break the monster thing. Then Toushirou finishes his fight with Kusaka, and the winner is obvious.

My overall opinion. Not enough emphasis on Toushirou. It’s his movie and you still give so many other character fight time. The story/plot is good on the whole. What can you do with anime movies lol. An okay movie, I probably enjoyed the firs tmovie over this one. Hope the next Bleach Movie will be better.