Another week of Naruto. Another week of not being able to use my computer.

Naruto has successfully cut the waterfall, despite not using any of Sakura’s soldier pills, because they were plain disgusting.  I have an issue. Where did all the water go if he cut it? Splash into his face, but the splashes would’ve been very severe with the ammount of water and pressure. Dodgy things that happen in anime! A monk from the Fire Temple has come to inform Tsunade about Akatsuki. Tsunade calls upon 24 platoons to search them out throughout the Fire Country. Orders were not to let any of them escape the country. Capture, if not, kill. Strict Orders. Asuma got hit with the bad news of Chiriku’s death.

Next episode, we’re going to see Naruto’s new jutsu in action. About time 🙂 Hopefully some Akatsuki vs Konoha action too.