I did skip the review of episode 5 and I’m sorry if this caused any inconvience. I felt that blogging an episode that I didn’t really understand was the way to go. After watching this episode, I’m slowly understanding more.

From the previous episode, Furuichi and Haru have seen their friend Shindara turn into a human form and die. They’ve decided to enlist into the military as an ASP suit fighter. They are the yellow things in the screencaps. They require brain power to maneuvuer, which makes it hard for those who are stupid. Luckily for Furuichi and Haru, they can actually move these things. All they have to do is pass their exam.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Nakiami investigates smoke that is ahead. Akiyuki unwillingly goes with her, after being pushed off the ship. The smoke was a result of a battle taking place,involving a few human forms. Nakiami tries to save the remaining humanform but gets owned, Akiyuki saving her with his arm, but to also kill the humanform.

Haru receives the letter from Akiyuki. About time they find out he’s OK. His parents are joyful I guess, they didn’t show too much emotion. Now we find out how the military actually were able to use these humanform, hiruko things. Ryuzo, Akiyuki’s dad was a doctor for military, prolonging people’s lives. The ones he couldn’t save were simply used for experiments, and this is how we get these humanform things. All confusing. We need an episode to explain all this stuff, or else I’ll be forced to re watch all the episodes.

Back to military, the Xamdou that they’ve been researching with has awaken and gone out of control. Alarms were raised, scaring everyone, even Furuichi and Haru who were doing their test. It tries to climb to the surface, since this lab is underground a fair bit. They were successful in stopping it, but then it made a bubble that caused a huge explosion, near the warehouse Haru and Furuichi were. The people in ASP suits got hit by the explosion, by some yellow light thing. Out of coincidence, Haru and Furuichi are able to battle the Xamdou…and are pretty much forced to now. So interesting next episode.