Every episode of Code Geass gets bigger, but this episode kinda died off after the massive revelation that Anya is Maryanne. It makes sense now. We see the relationship between C.C and Maryanne.  Lucky for the C.C fans, the old C.C has come back.  C.C gave Maryanne a geass, which seems to be just a appearance morph, as clearly Maryanne is not Anya in appearnce. Lelouch’s mum (Maryanne) is now off to assist Lelouch, like my friend predicted.

Everything is in a state of mess. Black Knights without their Zero, announcing his ‘death.’ The Black Knights in a state of shock. Schneizel is getting to the bottom of things, claiming the Emperor was just playing around with people, like Lelouch used his men. Suzaku has been given the order to kill Charles.

At Kamine Island, Charles is preparing for his Ragnarok, which in Nordic (I think, read this in history class few years back) Mythology is pretty much the destruction of the whole world. Suzaku is on the island, kills all of Charles’ men before one of the Knights take him on. Charles left to go destroy the world yay.  Anya and C.C fly on the Modred to the island to assist Lelouch. Lelouch has already made his plans, not sure how he got onto a Britannia ship,to order some people to execute his plans. This caused confusion amongst Britannia troops as for most, a rebellion was taking place. This gave way for Lelouch to hinder Charles plans.

In the heaven realm, the realm where we see Charles in alot, Charles is in the ready to execute Ragnarok. Lelouch comes in, confronts Charles. And I’m here thinking, Lelouch can’t do anything, so what? Boom goes the entrance to this realm, and from what Lelouch says, nothing Charles does in this realm will affect the world. Yay the world is safe :D.  But the funny thing is that Charles is stuck with Lelouch forever 😀 I’m not really sure what will happen in the next few episodes.  We’ve still yet to see Maryanne do something amazing.

And Yes this is a shoddy review. I have this really bad thing, Code Geass will end on a bad note…