I liked this episode. Mainly focused on the fighting between Maka and Krona, since BlackStar already ran off after Death. Fight fight, Soul and Maka thought they could take on Krona and Ragnarok, but the black blood still evaded them, causing complications in taking Krona down. Both teams resonate, yet again Soul and Maka nearly lose control of their resonance but are still able to get a few hits on Krona, dealing no damage =o. Stopped by black blood, Krona pretty much wiped Maka and Soul onto the floor.

Some important history. I thought Krona was just some monster Medusa made, but according to the talk between her and Stein, its her real life child. Flashback time! We see how Krona got soo bad. At the very young age of…she looks 5 years old, Medusa orders her to kill this uber cute fire breathing tiny dragon. Awwwww!! Krona refused, with the reason that she could not handle the pain and suffering of slaughtering. This earned Krona a few days of confinement in a pitch dark room. Ragnarok is already in Krona’s body at this stage, in the room, he bashes up Krona. I found it funny. Medusa then releases Krona, to see if she’s change, but nothing much has changed, so she just vector plates her back in. Rinse Repeate the bullying please Ragnarok. Third time was the charm, black blood drop clinging to her nostril, with that evil glaring smile, she had changed. Confronting the dragon, she swiped the dragon. And that is how we get a retarded Krona!! The Krona scared of her own mother.

Back onto Soul and Maka. The demon within Soul talks to him, about gaining extra power, through black blood of course. Soul definitely refuses, on the basis that real power should follow laws and blah blah. Thanks to Soul Resonance, Maka randomly comes into the room that is supposedly in Soul’s conscience. At first Soul doesn’t believe its Maka, so he starts pulling her face. Lol. She’s pretty much in to help out with the decision, gain the power or lose. Surely you don’t wanna die, so gain the power, and that’s what Maka has chosen. It did take them a while to get to the decision, they were dancing together with music played by the gramophone. With that decision, the demon grants the power.

Maka is about to get sliced by Krona, well she actually does, but survives, blocking it with black blood. The evil smirk appears on her face, and we immediately know, THIS IS MADNESS!! Even Stein felt it. Maka’s just gone out of control, owning the crap out of Krona. Soul is busy trying to contain this as well as refraining himself to becoming mad. Problems problems. Will Soul and Maka revert from this madness? I hope so, so they can use this strong power at will.

If someone knows, the demon within Soul’s conscience, his voice seems similar to the voice of Jiraiya in Naruto. Can someone confirm this?

Next episode, seems Maka and Soul owning Krona. There’s probably alot more to it, so can’t wait.