I thought the Sora arc was a filler, but to realise that Akatsuki are going to invade them next episode….any confirmation on this?

Anyway, not much has happened. Outside the village, the two Akatsuki members take on the two tail jinchuuriki Nii Yugito. Ironic her last name is nii. There’s not much fighting between them, Yugito turns into the demon cat, which i thought was going to be much larger, but probably was only the height of 3 people on top of each other. Breathing fire cat!! Sad to say, Akatsuki is too good, taking down Yugito. Not sure what they really did but Yugito is dead.

Back at the village, Sai and Naruto are having a speedy recovery. Sai still learning things off face value, as shown when Sakura treats him to sliced apples. Naruto on the other hand, happily fantasising about Sakura. Kakashi is back in the swing of things, after finding information on Akatsuki. Training is soon to resume for Naruto. Big things are to come, from the conversation between Kakashi and Tsunade. A new jutsu!!

Some focus on Danzou, blaming Tsunade for the close obliteration of the village, due to her slow decisions. Give Tsunade a break!!

Next episode, fire country gets invaded, probably looking for Sora, who’s just gone out of the equation.  More Naruto training so he can rape face please.