I can see this episode to be very controversial amongst many fans but the story was coming to hit this bump in the road. Inevitable!! Though saying this, this must’ve been my favourite episode of the whole season.

From what I’ve just said, the Black Knights have rebelled against Zero as a result of Shienzel (can’t spell) and Cornelia showing evidence. This evidence included a document of people Lelouch used his Geass on and the recording of the convo between Suzaku and Lelouch regarding the Euphy Massacre incident. Though the rebellion had started a few episodes back when Lelouch ordered his men to kill women and children, the more loyal pawns Tamaki and Diethard stood up for Zero also rebelled, only to just probably go with the flow of things instead of getting owned. Not a surprise to me that everyone would get shocked by the fact Zero is Lelouch. With aims to capture Lelouch, Ougi ordered Kallen to lead Zero into a storage room so he could be confronted, trapped and filmed. With spotlights and everything, Lelouch revealed himself, further assuring everyone what Schniztel(his new name!!) had said earlier. Clearly Lelouch was in a checkmate, so why not tell everyone that this fight was just a game of chess, in which he used the Black Knights as his pawns!! All this clearly symbolised through the various and common references to the game of chess.

Before I lead on onto what I’ll talk about next, we need to touch on the relationship between Rolo and Lelouch. Indeed we know this relationship is not blood related but it can still be considered a brother relationship due to the time they have spent together. What’s your say on this? However everything I said up there, he blatently told Rolo he did not like him at all and wanted to kill him so many times. But Rolo still tries hard to maintain this relationship which has given him all the facets of human life, by saving Lelouch using his Geass, escaping with Lelouch’s nightmare.Sadly we see Rolo withering his life away using his geass repeatedly and in a huge area we’ve never seen him perform it in. Funny bit I guess is when Lelouch is trying to talk to Rolo but can only say a few words or sounds before Rolo reuses his geass. However the emotional bits were during the use of Geass when he talked about his relationship with Lelouch. It’s all so very sad and the music helped create such an appropriate atmosphere.

Rolo lands the knightmare, but is in a very unstable condition, from the repeated damage done to his heart. He says his last words to Lelouch before dieing. WAH!!!! T_T Anyway with this happened, here I’m thinking, what the hell is going to happen in the next 5 episodes?!?! Well Lelouch still has goals…even after losing everyone, even Kallen. Next mission, killing his own dad. And what is his dad gonna do? Use Geass to create a new world by destroying the current one. So that’s where everything is headed now. There was one more thing that was strange, Suzaku doing an evil laugh. Does this mean Suzaku will become like Lelouch?!? Will he be evil (not that he isn’t)? Very epic indeed. I cannot wait for the next episode!