Finally the filler arc has ended and the real story will start next episode!! Yay!!

Basically another episode where Naruto tries to stop Sora from becoming the real kyuubi. Naruto failed but thanks to Sora being physically weak, his body couldn’t handle Kyuubi’s chakra, and then pretty much fainted. And also, Sai comes in the midst of the fighting, restricting Kazuma to a tree, and then Kazuma breaks out to strike Asuma but fail because Asuma owns face.  Need some confirmation but is Kazuma Sora’s dad?!?! I don’t catch certain things first time round but from what they showed this week, Sora’s dad is Kazuma. Sad if that is the case, making your own son suffer to do what you want.Everything is all good now. Sora leaves the village to travel the world and make new friends. All very nice, no more Fire Country ever again yay.

Asuma made some interesting analogies between Shougi and Konoha. Relating himself to a sacrificial piece, Shikamaru to a knight, for his capabilities of looking through tactics and then ‘jumping over them.’ However the King is not Hokage….I know I should know who the King should be but >_> please tell me if you know.

Next episode, will focus on the two tail jinchuuriki and Akatsuki. Hopefully we get to see Naruto training again.