I really liked this episode!! Flashy battle scenes which are so crisp and clean, and the little explanation of Stein’s plan accompanied with faces!!

The plot has moved on, Stein,Death, Maka and BlackStar head further into the basement of Shibusen, on the way they meet Maka’s papa! Not that we’re that interested but…we get to see him in weapon form again. Just a thin cross weapon, which I find very cool. Anyhow, they move on until they bump into Medusa, who is ready to keep them from interfering. Stein had this whole plan lecture on how to stop Medusa, with cute faces and instructions!! Anyway plan was that everyone but Stein would run ahead, with Blackstar to take on Chrona and Ragnarok, then having Death take on Free and Maka take on Elka. So they executed their plan, with Medusa hearing all about it, summoning many vector arrows in an attempt to hinder them. Death had no problems with his imba skateboard, so did Black Star, the Feyblade making it an easy job. All the trouble was Maka, but she made it through, running as quick as possible.

After Maka got past, Stein immediately struck Medusa with his soul wave, along with that leaving parts of his soul in her for later use, like how Medusa has her snakes. Stiching her feet to the ground looked cool. He had her trapped, so he struck her, wham! Into the wall and yet again gets stiched, but we were not expecting a vector plate, sending anything above it in the direction its pointing, sending Stein flying releasing Medusa. Some interesting uses made of these Vector plates, have a few pointing to each other to build up speed! Very useful to get a cheap quick shot in. And she even put one under Stein to send him towards her but he countered by stitching himself to the floor and later releasing at the right time to get a strike at her. Can’t wait for more fighting from Stein!!

Death zooms past Chrona who didn’t really notice them. Black Star soon meets Chrona, with Maka arriving moments later. As the plan intended, BlackStar was to take on Chrona but Maka was adamant about taking revenge on Chrona, who had previously p00ned her. So Blackstar just lets her…more fighting. More fight scenes!! Needed some due to a lack for the past few episodes.

Few random bits. Shinigami-sama reveals about the Death God under Shibusen, Asura (reminds me of RO!). Asura is the ugly one in screencaps. And we see why Shinigami-sama cannot leave the city, since his presence locks up Asura. Meh. Some of the flashbacks made Shinigami-sama look evil!! And very hardcore!!

Death City is slowly being destroyed, buildings being crushed! Blair, yes she will take part in an effort to save Death City. After seeing her ‘Mr Fisherman’ die very interestingly, I guess she’s angry, and takes it upon the mouse witches, sending one flying into a building. So now it’s like Mouse Witches vs Cat Witch. I think the clear winner is evident =p

Can’t wait for the next episode!!