I watched the RAW a while ago but with my limited Japanese, I wasn’t able to understand everything.

However, this episode leads off after Twenty yet again abandons Chizuko in the hands of Ken. Everything seems to be alright, Chizuko and Ken just need to steer the dirgible to landing…but guess what, explosives set off, causing the dirigible to go wonky! Chizuko searches for parachutes to evacuate the dirible, but Shion(white hair) placed explosives on them. GG. The dirigible steered above the city, and now Ken has to steer it back to the sea and crash. Kamikaze!! The steering was only able to go left. Big problem before since the city was on the left. Akechi meanwhile trying to get onto the scene. Through his binocular, he sees the passengers waving for help. They didn’t die! Just sleeping wine! Shion isn’t evil after all! Anyway skip skip, dirigible hits water, Akechi calls the sailors to lend their boats to help evacuate. All is good, except Chizuko and Ken stuck in the pilot cockpit. Akechi taking notice Chizuko was no where to be seen, so he jumps in to find her. Ken finds a way out, so they both evacuate, but Chizuko’s dress was holding her back. Literally. Glug with a few pulls, nothing gave way. Chizuko fainted and next thing we know it, Akechi saved her! With Ken running away like a fugitive =o

In the Mikamo residency, Tome has been able to persuade Chizuko’s aunt(forgot her name!! grr!!) into giving her and Chizuko a mansion after threatening to report her to the police or slowly kill her, ironic to the fact that Chizuko has been fed poison every meal for a long time! Mikamo-san not happy but must do it in order to maintain what she has left. Me don’t like her of course.

Chizuko is taken to hospital for minor scratches and cuts. Meh. Something interesting which will definitely become very important later. Akechi finds a piece of paper relating to some research Twenty was apart of, with the words ‘The fourth state of water.’ Very interesting. Gas, Solid , Liquid…and what?!?! Puzzle Puzzle.

Chizuko abandoned again…well she has Tome of course. Not sure what will happen next time, it’s up in the air but I hope it gets onto some more plot with Twenty because the show isn’t that great without him.