Happy 17th Rex

RAWR!!! I’m back, but more importantly, it’s bk201’s 17th Birthday today. YAY!!

Rexy-Hyung, Saeng il chuk ha hamnida  ^_^

Unfortunately, he has an exam today so i guess that’s his B’day gift from the school. How generous of them. I wish him the best of luck today and hopefully, he’s studied enough for it.

To be honest…I can’t even remember how I met bk201 but i know it was around two years ago….I think…Sorry >.<  But that doesn’t matter, we’re still friends…despite him being a head taller than me. *glare*

Anyways, it’s time to celebrate his b’day with some songs. Two to be exact. One jap one for bk201 and one korean one for me. ^_^  Here’s the first one. It’s F.T Island with Friendship from their Jap mini-album, ‘Prologue of FT Island -Soyogi-‘  Enjoy.

Ok…so some of you know I kind of cheated since F.T Island is actually Korean but the boys are working hard learning Japanese so they kind of count as jap I guess. I really like this song, and isn’t it appropriate for this day. Hongki is so silly in this mv but I wish they showed more Jaejin and Minhwan’s cuteness. Heh. Actually, it was FT Island that really got me into kpop with 사랑앓이 (Love Sick) *shock, It wasn’t DBSK* which also happens to be about a year after I met bk201. I never realised that. They also happened to get me started on Youtubing.

Onto the second song. Now, a birthday isn’t complete without some sort of party so here’s Super Junior H’s ‘Pajama Party’. It still has that happy feel about it like Cooking Cooking but I like this better.

This MV has to be the cutest thing ever…except for Shindong’s hair. Stylist-noona, please be nicer next time. But I love Sungmin even more now. At the start, he’s playing with his toy snake and he’s all La La La, I’m so adorable, I’ll play with this snake ^_^ And his angel wings, so cute. You know, before, I never really liked Yesung all that much but his new hair + frames combo really makes him stand out to me, in a good way…unlike Shindong. But I’ll say one good thing about him. I like the white bear he’s holding. I want one too but bigger and more huggable 🙂 Like my version of Princess Sparkles…but manlier. Also, can someone look at 2.34 Is it just me or is that Sungmin’s hand on Yesung? Haha.

Have a wonderful day bk201…or at least as good as a day with an exam can be ^_^