This episode was very epic!! Basic plot overview. Kallen gets freed, Knights come in to kill Zero, but thanks to Kallen,she killed off Bradley Yay! Guildford who helped protect ‘Cornelia’ and Orenji-Kun. Evil intentions of Rolo revealed that he was out to kill Nunally!! And guess what, thanks to Suzaku, Suzaku fired the FREYA, obiliterating the whole Tokyo Settlement. GG!! So we see Sayoko, NUnally, and alot of people get wiped. Plot Twist! Lelouch has basically failed his retrieval of Nunally. However Rolo is still alive! Go figure Rolo didn’t save them with his geass. Bad boy.

I don’t know where the plot is going but seems Lelouch will go a bit whacko. Can’t wait for next episode. I wanna see more GUREN Keiten in action. It’s imba!