Another episode past. Akiyuki has joined the crew, gaining little respect from other crew members as well as giving little respect for them either. The kids pick on him, like the kids in Eureka Seven pick on Renton. His parents are worried for Akiyuki, but Haru reassures that he’s alive somewhere, not dead.

Akiyuki meets most of the crew members, but unaware of his situation/condition, he doesn’t want their help. Thanks to Nakiami who contained Xamdou in Akiyuki, Akiyuki directly disobeys Nakiami’s orders, ripping it off and mutating his arm. The mutation caused a human form flyer to come attack the ‘Xamdou.’ Taking Akiyuki, Nakiam shot off straight after him. She successfully retrieved Akiyuki, second time saved, with the captain turning the creature into green rain. Eww!

Akiyuki is finally grateful for once. Being saved twice by Nakiami. It’s good he’s changing for the better, he drank the bitter tea he didn’t want to drink earlier. We’re learning more and more about Xamdou otherwise known as Hiroko. All very unclear!! It seems Akiyuki’s dad has some relation with the humanform weapons. Unknown at this stage but there definitely is a link. The military at Sentan Island are working on the Xamdou thing they found. I guess we’ll find out next episode, Atsukushii warming up to Akiyuki, probably because he knows Akiyuki will die sometime soon. Akiyuki is a prodigy!! As his father says, sif die!!