There was a special opening this time, featuring sequences from the new movie Naruto Shippuuden : Kizuna. This episode didn’t move very far. Sora turns into the red demon, with no skin. Everyone trains to stop him, but Naruto gets a firm grip on Sora. In doing so, Naruto put himself into hot water. Kyuubi Chakra covered him. Kyuubi was coming out of Naruto too! Yamato attempted to seal but something didn’t work! Everyone watched as Naruto tried to get Sora back. Naruto’s willpower to not allow Kyuubi out was huge. Stabbed himself in the knee. Reminds me of the time he stabbed his hand. It worked at least. Phew. Though Sora has no conscience, Naruto still attempts to try to get him back.

Furido or Kazuma and Asuma are still hand to hand combating, talking about random stuff that doesn’t reall matter. All the king and pawns stuff. Nothing worth listening.

Next episode, Sora goes to the next level and becomes the real kyuubi! Trouble seems to be coming around the corner! Can Naruto get Sora back?!? Wait till next week!