The opening ceremony was a thrill to watch. So spectacular, never seen anything like it before, never seen anything like it on such a huge scale. China is to be congratulated for their success in the Opening Ceremony.

The opening ceremony started off with a bang. 2008 drummers on the floor forming patterns,waves and numbers! It was just unbelievable. Timing and precise patterns were so perfect!

They brought out their red glow sticks, and it looked so awesome in the dark. Nice job!

Like in any opening ceremony, the Olympic Rings must appear somewhere. Here, they lit up on the ground, accompanied with some butterfly people lifting it up.

The opening ceremony was a collection of China’s history, all the way from their paper invention to modern day China, which was really the ceremony itself. Here we have Confucius Scholars performing for the paper theme.

Another of China’s inventions, the removable type. I couldn’t believe there were people in those boxes which had Chinese Characters on top. They made waves, the chinese character of harmony 和 in 3 different styles, there’s the modern one and then 2 very ancient styles. Then they formed a Great Wall replicate.The boxes when up and down, and then towards the end of their perfomance, flowers came out of them, and then boom they all came out. I got ripped XD

Displaying Chinese Theatre, if I am not wrong. Lots of people surrounding the puppeteers, having fun laughing.

Along with the history, came culture. Tai Chi. 2008 of these people doing Tai Chi. What amazed me is how they arranged them into a big circle. So unbelievable.

Light dancers were very very awesome. Though they seemed to do nothing at the beginning, they did the most spectacular things! Not only did they form the Dove of Peace and make it fly, they also made the Birds Nest around the Piano Player. That was simply amazing.

Representing the Tang Dynasty were all these people dressed in blue with oars with pictures. All lined up, they formed pictures of boats. An amazing array of waves were showcased among the hundreds that were down their performing. They eventually formed a boat!

Not sure what this was all about but just a lot of dragon pillars.

A big globe to finish off things, uniting the world all in China. How symbolic.

I endeavour to find photos of the paper dancers that painted!!! Painting while they danced. My favourite of the show!

Sitting through 4hours of TV was definitely worth it. Something you don’t want to miss!