A very unique episode, but still had the advancment of the plot occuring. Medusa finally implements her plans of raising up a demon god who has been sleeping under Shibusen all this time. Everyone’s at the commerorative dinner when Sid comes in and warns them to run away, yet no one runs away. Before anyone can escape, Medusa Elka and Free do a manage to enprison them into a dimensional box. Sid and Kniges sacrifice their lives by using their Resonance, to send our favourite Weapons and Meisters along with Stein down into coffins away from the trapping magic. So the situation stands, Soul,Maka,Patty,Liz,Death,Black Star, Tsubaki and Stein ready to take on Medusa and her minions as I like to say.

A few things I don’t understand. Why does Sid and Kniges have such a retarded Resonance, it’s not like they can use to buff up and own everyone. It’s very unrealistic. And then we had Sid coming back alive, eventhough Medusa’s laboratory got completely blown to pieces. THen we had Shinigami-sama doing nothing whatso ever to save the city. Too laid back!! Stein knew Medusa was up to something but didn’t try to prevent it or tell Shinigami-sama. Why don’t you tell someone that a witch is hidden amongst Shibusen!! WHY!!!

And about the destruction of Shibusen, not that I like it. I thought the slicing of the candles was just interesting. Though not made of wax, they got sliced pretty easily, with the 3D animation keeping up. Though 3D isn’t used at its best potential in Soul Eater, it’s still a good input I guess. Soul Eater’s look would have been so much different if it weren’t for the 3D.

Next episode!! Can’t wait for our heroes and Stein to get into action at the same time. It has always been in separate episodes!! Should be a killler of an episode. Can’t wait!