Fun episode, with Minato going to work. He ends up meeting Seo, an Ashikabi of the two sekirei sisters Hikaru and Hikibi. And let’s see…then they go see the ‘green girl’ everyone has been talking about. Everyone’s after the ‘greengirl.’ Musubi realises Minato left his mobile back at the inn, so she rushes off to give it to him. Minato and others are walking in the ‘jungle’ to find the ‘greengirl.’ They find the ‘green girl’ finally but to be seen confronted by a sekirei. Seo lets Minato do the work since Seo is like ‘sekirei choose their ashikabi lala.’ Funny scene here as Minato restrains the sekirei by holding her breasts. Holding her from attacking allowed the two bitches to zap them XD. Kuu, the green girl faints and Minato catches her. The sekirei tries to kill them both but Musubi intercepts, and the epic girl on girl battle begins. There’s nothing wrong with Sekirei’s losing their clothes in battle, it is totally normal!! In the end, Musubi wins! Back at the inn, Kuu becomes Minato’s Sekirei by kissing him. Sekirei Number 2!! There are more to come 😀

A few characters I didn’t mention, one by the name of Homura is going to be important soon. What’s to come, I’ll find out later.