So, the anticipated arrival of the new 31” Samsung Series 4 LCD TV came one day early ^^! I got distracted and had to look, take photos, admire the TV and set it up. Dodgy big ass TV got moved to another room in the house, leaving away lots of dust, enough for me to do some random writing!

After opening the box, I could see how awesome this TV was going to be. The remote is huge! Compared to the old one, its smaller but longer! The TV got set up pretty quick, after my dad screwed in some screws so the TV could stand on the stand. Weird sentence that was o_O. Turn on the TV and it searches its own channels, 69 or something. We were amazed. A big change from our…5 channels LOL.

Ever lost the battery lid for your remote? Well this has been solved by just connected the lid part to a plastic cord thats attached to the inside of the remote. Perfect! We’ve been dealing with this problem with a piece of cardboard and sticky tape. Muahah!  The quality is soooooo awesome. Can’t wait to watch the Olympics on this!

We got a TV cleaning cloth, which was quite surprising. None the less, the TV will always be clean! Adds some water and go in an anti clockwise manner. No chemicals needed! There’s the box with the stand upside down.

With HD going in, in the next year or so, Analog TV aka. normal TV’s will need a set top box to view channels. With the LCD TV, it’s inbuilt. We have another 2 TVs in the house that will need to be replaced or we will be inevitably forced to buy this evil box!!

On another note, I can’t wait to get a PC TV Cable so I can watch some HD anime on it. It will be very epic.

I can’t wait till my Agriculture Trials are over so I can watch more awesome TV. Do you have an LCD TV?!?! If so how long have you had it?