Here’s the next of the Anime Fights!! Nanashi vs Rarou in Sword of a Stranger!

Left- Rarou        Right-Nanashi

Left- Rarou Right-Nanashi

You may have seen my fail review of Sword of a Stranger. You may have seen the movie. If you watched the movie, the last fight scene was very good. Though it was just really clashing of swords and taking cuts at each other, the music really captured the courage Nanashi had. And in the end, our hero Nanashi takes the glory! Thanks to a little memento that spared his life!

Here’s the video, it’s long but it’s worth the watch. Probably bad quality! I’ve yet to see a better quality version of Sword of a Stranger. Bad quality videos just ruin the animation quality. It’s not as clean and crisps, which is very important in BONES’s animation.

What do you think of this anime fight?