A very funny episode. Excalibur was the man of the show!! The episode started off with Oxford reading about the legend of EXACLIBUR!! And then we followed Oxford on his ‘report’ investigation, when he gets sucked into listening all of Excalibur’s terms of partnership. Over 1000articles Oxford must adhere to to be Exaclibur’s partner!! Some of these include, ‘Do not include carrots in my meals,’ ‘I start my mornings with coffee(but he drinks tea…lol!?!) and ‘You must tell me stories at 5pm everyday.’ So random but funny. Lots of history about Excalibur. All from the time Arthur to now, including his cute family!!! But his sons and daughters look just like him, but I think their mum is human. DUD! XD

Our main characters managed to get some screening time, so us viewers were informed upon what they were doing. All at someone’s place eating, with their big fat stomachs. The report for school was due tomorrow, many still having to do it!

So towards the end,Excalibur raises up again with Oxford holding the handle!! FOR GLORY AND VICTORY!!! Flash and then…stab into the ground. ‘Oh sorry but I have a partner,’ and says something about doing Excalibur for research. Poor excalibur!! Always dumped. Oxford was very pissed, aftering hearing too much of his talking.

My favourite part of the episode was Excalibur singing and dancing. It was just hilarious. Funny singing to piss off Oxford, accompanied with flashy dance moves. Awesome!

Next episode gets back to plot. Free and Medusa strike. And in the preview, Stein is close to kissing Medusa. Oh dear. Bad things are happening!

And on another note. 5k Hits!! Thanks for those reading my articles. Makes me feel special ^^!