Action packed double episode. We’re getting somewhere for once. And some interesting things we learn about certain characters.

Fuuma or the girl Naruto was fighting. She is able to use as many elements as possible according to how many bodies she possesses. Each time she changes element, she does a body change but she still looks the same. Hence she steals bodies with her gg kiss. Naruto killed Fuuma once and he noticed Fumma not using lightning after water. Smart thinking. I was not thinking when the happened! So then Naruto realises her hair has a special property. They contain Fuuma’s life force I think. In the episodes previous, she was always so adamant about keeping her hair perfect. SO we see when Naruto just rips a chunck out, making her wither. Funny when she was alive with just the wig. Funny funny. Too bad Naruto doesnt have fire or else it would’ve been very smelly!

All 3 of the guardians except Kitane are charging their lasers of lime light. Asuma uses his knuckledusters to get out of the prison,  being the weapon through the prison with a jutsu. Inside, whack and the prison got owned. Off he chases Kitane. For a while I was thinking Konoha was screwed. Kitane was about to cast when Asuma came in a quickly owned him. Kitane turned into dust poof! Furido sensing this got rid of the other 3, since they were rendered useless.

So Furido, with his major plan screwed over, decides to do something with Sora. Ontop of trying to bring out SOra’s rage, we find out Sora has been infused with Kyubi’s Chakra. Deary me I thought! Konoha is in for a fight. The Kyubi Chakra was the left over chakra that Kyubi emitted into the air before it was sealed into Naruto. Apparently 5years later, it was infused into Sora’s body. So Furido releases Sora’s chakra and Sora slowly gains his red kyubi cloak and his big arm. Looks exactly the same as Naruto with his demon cloak on. So here I’m thinking, surely Yamato can seal him! Asuma and Naruto first to encounter Furido and Sora, I was counting on Yamato to come VERY QUICKLY.

With the kyubi conscience slowly getting the better of Sora, Sora reflects upon why he wants to kill the world. Because of the people making him sad and lonely. It’s all Naruto’s loneliness again. Naruto Theme: Friendship!!! Always appear in most arcs of Naruto, if you notice it. So Naruto obviously empathises, since he’s gone through the same, but this doesn’t stop Sora. THe first tail has already formed.

Yamato and Sakura soon arrive on the scene. They do nothing but watch. Naruto suggests to seal Sora the same way he is sealed, but Yamato says he can only do it when Naruto wears the First Necklace. No shit put the Necklace on Sora and finish the job!! Nooo they just keep waiting. Naruto style!! Anyway, Yamato restrains Sora with his wood. Asuma takes on Furido or Kazuma. Not sure about the names, guess we’ll find out next episode.

Shikamaru,Chouji, Kiba ,Ino and Lee arrive on the scene. Shikamaru Mimic Technique restricts Sora, with perfect timing of the moon and clouds. When the shot focussed on the moon, I thought Sora was gonna buff up.Lol. Chouji restrains Sora’s arms….don’t see the reason to if Shikamaru’s does it. Maybe chakra of Sora owns Shikamaru’s. Sora soon buffs up more, with Chouji unable to hold on because of the burning of Sora’s skin. Ino attempts Mind Body Switch technique, but immediately reverts back after confronting Kyubi and no Sora! Trouble when the next two tails begin to form. One more and Yamato will not be able to control.

Next episode shows to be promising. Yamato is unable to seal Naruto as Naruto slowly gains his cloak and tails again. Can’t wait! And for those watching the Naruto Movie…TELL ME ABOUT IT!!