Lots of destruction this episode. Foreign island pods landed on the island last episode, but was unknown to what they were. ‘Humanform tanks’ emerged out of the pods to destroy the island. Their weaponry was just insane. A green liquid falls out of the tank and then it bursts into a laser and just destroy, forming a short period of ‘black hole.’ Akiyuki,other wise known as Xamdou, decides to protect the school so he takes on the tank nearby school. Xamdou is cool. Fast, sleek,slick, strong. Weird this Xamdou thing. Is it Akiyuki controlling or is it Xamdou? Anyways, Xamdou can morph its right hand into weapons, may it be a stick, or a sword to slay the tank.

Weirdly enough, Haru, Akiyuki’s friend realises the Xamdou is Akiyuki. She chases after. Quite apparenty Xamdou is Akiyuki by the sweet gentle actions handling her.

Nakiami, the girl with red hair we see flying around, she ‘contains’ xamdou, sticking a rod into his arm, making him convered in red stones. She gives him an ultimatum, die or work for me. Xamdou says ‘I want to live,’ so she spares him. She does this random sleepy trick on Haru, and Akiyuki soon reverts back to human form. Nakiami takes Akiyuki back to her ship. This is all going back to the Eureka Seven yet again. Renton/Akiyuki joins the crew.

Some things unsure of this stage. Xamdou is a god, but what exactly is it? Nakiami refers to Xamdou as god. Who is Nakiami? She has this whole set of equipment to do ‘operations’ on the Xamdou Human Form.

It seems the military have intentions of making a Xamdou, from the discussion between a professor and a high ranked officer. Xamdou is a god if you can make it?!? All confusing but sucking us in to watch more!!

All very interesting. I want to learn more about this crew. We know about the bitchy captain, which is a completely contrast to Holland. We have a navigator/driver who is kind of a pussy, gets punched in the crutch by a little kid. Owned. And the kids, are just like the kids in Eureka Seven. I’m sure I’m going to enjoy Xamdou!