Bounen no Xamdou is a new release by BONES studio, but is exclusively only on PS3, in a pick to fight against fansubs to make money.  I’ve been able to see the first episode of this, and ever since hearing about it, I’ve always wanted to watch it.

This series reminds me of Eureka Seven alot. We have the boy Akiyuki who is ‘normal’ until he gets ‘infected’ by this streaming green laser, which turns him into a white cool looking gundam looking thing, which I’ll just call Xamdou. We also have another group of characters on a SHIP!! Just like Gekko State!! Not sure what their intentions are but I guess we’ll find out next episode won’t we?

To set the scene, the story is set during the Cold War. The main story, Akiyuki gets to the bus stop to see this suspicious looking girl, who doesn’t have an armband. Without the armband, you are not allowed on the bus. He ‘gives’ his to her, pretending to lose his to the inspector checking people. So they get to school, Akiyuki gets off the bus, and that girl goes literally boom, detonates herself and the bus kinda blows up. There’s a yellow green ball floating near the bus debris, the light from it scatters and hits Akiyuki in his right arm. Mutations start forming in his right arm until it contains itself under this ‘blue botton.’ He gets on the bus to find the girl, with yellow green blood leaking from her stomach. She says something about ‘Xamdou’ which I won’t go into detail about, she touches his head and he randomly gets a ‘red button’ on his head. She dies and Akiyuki turns into the Xamdou!! Rara

Very interesting!! Can’t wait to see more!! A trailer for those who want to see Xamdou themselves.

And I’ll add on the opening theme song which is very catchy and techno ^^!

The opening song is called ‘Shut up and explode’ by Boom Boom Satellites. All english if you’re wondering what they’re singing.

The ending song is called ‘Vacancy’ by Kylee. Interesting how both OP and ED are all sung in english.