I thought I would start a series of Anime Fights. No this isn’t the Warcraft 3 Anime Fight map. I will showcase fights from anime which are just awesome. And I guess ,collaboratively we can pick the best ones!

Showcase One!!

From Darker than Black

Hei (BK201) vs Zhijun Wei ( VI952)
The video below showcases their first fight. For some background knowledge, BK201 is notorious as the ‘black reaper ‘ the best contractor around. BK201 is able to manipulate electricity. VI952 is a skilled contractor who is able to kill people by /wrist. Yes I actually mean /wrist. When he snaps his fingers, he is able to ‘transport the blood stained things to some 4d dimension.’ Not clear but you”ll understand when you watch. I highly encourage to people to watch Darker Than Black. It is a great anime series!! So WATCH IT!

What are your thoughts on the video? I love it that BK201 tricks him. BK201 ftw!