This just gets better and better. The mystery behind Akechi has been solved! Akechi soon came after everyone else left, to find Akine,Koito and Tome. Now if you piece all the evidence together, it makes sense. Akine was on a boat by himself, and I was wondering where Akine went.

Anyway, White Hair decides to take Chizuko onto a blimp, forcing Twenty and Ken to board. Ironically, this blimp was promoting the movie Chizuko went to see the set. White Hair killed the director of the movie, and guess what, she kills everyone on board with an innocent glass of wine. Twenty has a big chat with White Hair, and lots of fighting too, while Ken tries to defuse as many dynamites somewhere in the ship.

It was about time we viewers learnt about the history of both Twenty and the White Hair. Both scientists many years ago, Twenty met White when he saw her research and decided to tag on, probably because he fell in love with her straight away?! All he did in the flashbacks was compliment her eyes,lips, face etc. All very corny dubby love. The research was a ‘puppet body’ that would be controlled by electric forces in the body. Only White was able to do so. She doesn’t have white hair at the time!! So one day, Twenty says that he will burn the research because humans were never meant to do this, or for some weird reason. Desperate as she was, she forced the research onto herself and made herself a ‘monster.’ And that’s how she has her superbody powers. SHooting her fists, being able to twist her body, being able to switch body, but she still has her major organs, heart lungs etc. But that’s besides the point, they were in love pretty much.

Chizuko, as awesome as ever got herself out of a knit, hanging by rope over the big sea.Got herself untied and quickly climbed back up to the blimp. Twenty admitted to loving her, which somehow made White Hair somehow ‘human,’ blood splattering everywhere. It’s all so confusing and unknown what her body was capable of doing. Anyway, Twenty decided to give her a good rest, chucking her into the sea. I don’t know why Twenty and Chizuko were hugging each other on the stairs that opened towards the sea. And I don’t know WHY Ken didn’t tell Twenty again!! The ship was going to explode, as there were too many bombs to diffuse. Stupid Ken. Never warning. Fail!! Ship rocks up, Twenty falls into the sea, Ken restrains Chizuko. Seems Twenty is off to kill another war related science project.

Can’t wait for next episode ^^!