This episode was just a thrill to watch. We see Lelouch’s EVIL AND DARK SIDE when he tells C.C to innocently ‘strip.’ Tut Tut Lelouch. Alot happened in this episode. The Federation of the United States(not usa but countires not under Britannia Leadership) was formed, and under the leadership of Zero!! Funny to see the Black Knights as a company with the streaming credits: CEO Zero. With the world split between Black Knights and Britannia, a big war will take place in Area 11!! The plot is getting very interesting, and on top of that, he has to rely on Suzaku to protect his sister. I couldn’t believe he blatently told Suzaku he was Zero. LOL. I can’t believe Lelouch will go meet Suzaku. Meaning Lelouch will get owned or Suzaku will get owned. I know my friend hates the living guts out of Suzaku and will be rooting for Lelouch to own Suzaku. For me, Lelouch ftw!

The plot just gets better and better. What’s the situation on C.C? Will she regain her memories anytime soon? We saw Lelouch’s attempt to bring her memories back with pizza. Hmmm if only she was just ‘faking’ and then at that scene when Lelouch tells her to strip, she would just bitch slap Lelouch. That would be hilarious! Can’t wait for next episode.