This episode is a must watch if you’re a fan of this series. Huge plot twists. Lots of action. Lots of emotion. You just cannot miss this episode!!

There are so many assumptions you can make from this episode. Is Akechi Twenty Faces?!? There’s one bit that makes me think he his, which happens towards the end of the episode where he drops his glasses and then you see the real face. Then we had Akechi and Ken talk, Ken saying how Akechi looks like ‘boss.’  But also, if I remember the earlier episodes, we were already introduced to Akechi and he was in Japan when Twenty Faces was in another country!!! I’m very confused! None the less Twenty is back!! Yay!!

Plot Spoiler Time!! Chizuko runs away from the Mikamo Residence because of all the hypnotizing. Akechi finds and ‘saves’ her. She’s like thank you blah blah, runs away again. Ken calls out to Akechi, to talk about taking care of her. Chizuko runs away from Akine who is still hypnotized but on an issue affecting his child hood, as he calls ‘Chiako’ rather than Chizuko. Akechi snaps him out of it. And they follow Chizuko. White Hair Lady finds a kid to give Chizuko a note to meet her somewhere because she has Tome as hostage. Chizuko goes to the island where they last fought. Chizuko and White hair! There’s a stone statue of Tome that White Hair pushes down so that its neck break. It was so epic. I thought she just petrified Tome and that she died because blood came out of the head that snapped off. This angered Chizuko, and she went all feisty. Fight Fight, Hypnotized Koito gets involved, then Chizuko got hypnotized. Owned! Then ‘Akechi’ and Akine come save the day. Twenty Faces is ‘Akechi.’ Twenty and White Hair have a big talk about the past, about paths etc. Akine cowardly retrieves Chizuko. Ken was somewhere there too. Beats me how he got there. However, White Hair took a cheap move. While speaking, she makes hynotized Chizuko stab Twenty. Stupid Ken! He could’ve warned him!! Stab, and Chizuko realises she stabbed Twenty, who reassures her it is just a dream. LIES TWENTY LOL. Ken chucks in a smoke bomb! White hair grabs Chizuko and speeds boat out! Akine finds Tome in the stone statue (phew). Twenty dissapears, taking Koito, leaving Akine and Tome behind.

What will happen next? Twenty is not dead btw! He can never die!! I can’t wait to watch next episode. In fact, my hunger for the next episode devours the need for subs! Charge!!