The most confusing of all episodes in Code Geass. So much crap happened. V.V dieing. Lelouch successful at beating Charles using Geass but to only know Charles is immortal. Evil! Lelouch gets mind gamed, explores C.C past. C.C past is very interesting. As a helpless scrawny kid, C.C met a nun who had Geass power. The nun made a contract with C.C, gave C.C power so that anyone could love her. Dodgy power right? The nun, having lived for a long time didn’t want to live any longer, so in the contract gave her powers to C.C and died. Same things were going to happen to Lelouch and C.C but….not sure what really happened.C.C wants to die but doesnt end up dieing, but ends up losing her memory. What now?

Viletta and Ougi meet up. Sayako spies on their meeting, and attempts to assassinate Viletta, but Ougi jumps in to save her life. Noooo, both fall down the cliff into rocks and water. Cliff Hanger!

Despite not knowing what the hell happened, or some certain things, it was a very thrilling episode. It may have feeled as a rushed episode but it was a good one. Lots of plot twists!