Another Soul Eater for another week 🙂 Alot of stuff happening so I’ll pick out some important events. Might already knew from previous episode the history behind Patty and Liz. I felt I didn’t touch on it last time so I’ll elaborate. Liz and Patty lived in the street alleys, mugging people as a duo. Gun scares off anyone. They become Death’s weapons when Death was threatening to arrest them (if i remember correctly.)

Medusa is moving along her research on the Blackblood which seems to have dissapeared in Maka’s body after she coughed it out a 2episodes ago. Stein has caught onto Medusa being an imposter, seizing the medice she issued to Maka. A stand down happened but nothing happened. Both parties knowing each other’s intention, they did something!! Stein request Cid and Kniges to go in and find evidence, whilst Medusa tells Elka to retrieve a case. Bad things happen when Cid and Kniges get wiped out by bombs, after reading in a journal something is going to happen!!

I didn’t pick up on what Nidd Hoggs said in the last episode, but he said something quite significant which popped up in Death’s mind, prompting him to ask his dad. ‘All for the greatest demon, closest to you all.’ I’m just guessing its Soul, but it’s still unclear. Shinigami sama hasn’t disclosed any information. All very unknown at this stage.

I can’t wait for the plot to keep progress. It’s exciting. Humour came through again at good place, the stand off between Stein and Medusa, during the fight scene between Death and Chrona. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

Next episode goes back to Excalibur. I hope he’s actually tied to the story, or he’s just gonna be a filler character!! And I don’t like that!!