Well, this is about 2weeks late and I’m sorry to those who wanted to read this earlier, but now it’s finally here. I will be reflecting on the highlights of my trip to the Gold Coast, if there were anyway at least =/

A meal at the spectacular Seafood Restaurant, George’s Paragon, Sanctuary Cove, overlooking the Wharfs and Jetty. It was wonderful. Stuff meself up with a ‘Kanoni’ which comprised of Grilled Scnapper, Half a Moreton Bay Bug, a Garlic Prawn and a bunch of vegies. Very nice looking, forgot to take a photo before diggin’ in!

A great view!

A Shoe Fettish emerged somehow, something to fill the time in.

Found it odd the wheel was completely upside down =/No I didn’t take it upside down.

Oily and greasy fish and chips for lunch. More of these meals went down my throat through the course of the trip. Lucky I didn’t get too many pimples as a result of this greasy food.

More shoes!

Found some random mirrors and had to take photos. Here my leg is longer than my body. If only if it was!

The photo of the trip must’ve been this. You see what you get. A friend taking a photo while my brother is somehow kneeling down to….

Ginger Factory!! Not much to see and do but see the Ginger Bread Mens!!

Standing proud and tall!

First time I’ve seen a hypnotist shop/clinic

Chicken Parmigiana at Grill Restaurant nearby where we stayed. It was yummy =) Cept the fact it had more chips arghh!

Movieworld. One of the many worlds on the Gold Coast. Could’ve gone to Dreamworld if I had begged. Could’ve gone to take photos of the BB auditorium. Never the less Movieworld still filled up a good day’s fun for us. Going in knowing that Superman Escape Ride, the Bat Wing and the Police Stunt Show being closed down, we were feeling a bit down. We weren’t going to have much fun without the epic thrill rides open.

The parade. Just a showcase of all the Warner Bros. Characters. From Bugs Bunny to Scooby Doo and even Austin Powers as our MC, giving out free icecream. Cat women sexy as ever. Or should I say a bit fat.

Compared to Batman….HOLY FAT!

Daffy Duck. He’s wonderful, he played around with my hoody since I had it on, and was sitting on the curb. At first I thought it was a rape. But nah, rape doesn’t capture the words the describe the experience of some duck playing around with your clothes.

Inside waiting to get on Scooby Doo. They do quite a lot of landscaping, features and designing for places for you to wait. You see dreamworld, and it’s just lines with rope and etc. Obviously setting us in the mood to be scared!

Luckily, the Superman Escape Ride opened up! It was closed down for maintenance for…people to come at night and ride Batwing and Superman. T_T I felt kinda jipped by that. We were leaving Movieworld at around 6ish because we got on the last ride of the day. Luckily!! Then here come lines and lines of teenagers, high schoolers. So you’re like…wtf?!? Anyway enough about the stupid people, the ride was just awesome!! Can’t really explain it in words. For like first time, I manly screamed when we got rocketed to 100km/h. Then I was just having fun crusing around afterwards. My Brother beside me got into the mood so much, he had to swear a few times when the coaster was CHARGING UP to shoot us out. Pew pew! Good photo yea? Courtesy of dad.

Random, in the carpark of the place we stayed. Barbie Car it reminded me!

Chinglish Menus. Can’t miss them can you.

I found it fun trying to capture photos of light.

Shadows are fun to play with.

More shoes..this time on a boardwalk!

Boardwalk, up above the ground 10metres at least.

At O’Reily’s we were able to go walk a forest, feed the beautiful birds. Here’s one of them perched on my brother’s arm


Back at George’s Paragon, this time in South Port. SP!! At the time I was thinking Ragnarok SP!!

Here’s the meal I shared with my sister. The name I don’t know how to spell, but this dish was a platter with lots of Greek stuff and yea. Dipping bread in pink sauce. Souvlaki. Calamari.Baby Octopus. Haloumi Cheese(yum) ,Fetta Cheese…few more stuff not worth mentioning.

A friend taught me how to fold the dining clothes, as a crown!!

Cruise Boat we went on. North or South Stradbroke Island. Meh 1hour cruise to the island. It was smooth sailing.

A crab lurking around in the sands.

And me, taking some sand out of my shoe. Shoes should never have sand in them!

This advertisement reminded me of Soul Eater ^^!

I don’t know why we were going to eat KFC before going to the airport but on the way to the already closing down food court, many people lining outside Krispy Kremes. FATTIES!

And to sign off. A message in the sand!