Jamie serving up another excellent and persuasive show once again. This time, revealing the truth behind the poultry who either produce meat or eggs. Nothing was really to my amazement with the ways the chickens were killed, slaughtered, raised up, living conditions. All because of studying agriculture at school. I don’t really have much say on this welfare topic as I’m not the person who buys the food. Mum and dad does and they do whatever they wanna do with the money. My dad and mum have been supporting the free range system for a while, but it’s funny how we have products in our own fridges that are made of battery cage eggs.

The push for better welfare for chickens is obviously in the right direction. I’m sure Jamie’s done alot of influencing around the UK, and the show just being shown here in Australia will probably affect many viewers around the country. Some countries will still continue their ways but certain countries will attempt to improve lifestyle of poultry before they are slaughtered. But will we be willing to pay the extra dollars and cents just so that the chicken we eat have a better life? In a few years time, I’ll be the one buying these chickens and eggs. It’s going to be a hard decision. Do I go for the cost or the welfare?!?

I’m surprised that the UK have pushed for better welfare requirements for chickens, and how supermarkets are trying to change. Might see this in Australia, hopefully at least.

It’s really your choice. It’s up to you whether or not the chicken gets what it deserves.