Another Soul Eater for another week. This week we’re taken on an adventure with Death,Liz and Patty about  Norfolk Legends, the Black Dragon and Nidd Hogg,  a big ship that eats people.Our heroes are out to stop the ship from becoming a demon god. Along the way, Liz confronts more scary things, ghosts of souls that have been eaten. Though they were simply trying to help her, Liz still had this big idea that they wanted to eat her. At the end of the episode, Ragnarok chops Nidd Hogg in half and the battle of Death vs the Ship has turned into Death vs Chrona. Then after eating about 100+human souls using the screaming resonance, Ragnarok and Chrona have evolved. Not cool!

I wanna talk about Death and his ‘impersonation’ of his father. Death had a mask and some cloak,making him look like Shinigami sama. With in this mind, would you think Shinigamisama is human? All this time I’ve been thinking he’s just a god, and that he just randomly made Death out of nothing (not natural means.) With the mask in mind, I hope we see Shinigami sama in human form!!

Favourite part of this episode must have been Death telling Patty to redo the rowing the boat into the ship, to the back rather than into its left side.