Ben is finally out of the kombi after being put in there for an attitude problem. Prior weeks before being put in, Ben had a problem with BB’s rules and felt that BB picked on him. Let’s recall these times…Ben called BB a dog and got punished to wash the windows…now i’ve forgotten the rest! It was funny watching Ben suffer because he was so pissed. At one point he wanted to leave. He admitted to respecting BB’s rules!

BB left the house for an appointment, so the housemates were able to play the role of Big Brother, by using a megaphone, and the diary room chair being moved the lounge rooms. Housemates asked various questions, Rory asking Alice ‘Who do you dislike the most in the house?’ Alice answering Rory! Confronting. Then the housemates watched each other nominate for the first time! Who Ben chose to nominate put Alice under a false sense of security. Alice was happy Ben didn’t choose Alice, which is ironic to the fact that Ben nominates Alice EVERY SINGLE TIME. Poor Alice, and go Ben! Ben could easily win!

Travis has been finally relieved of his head of chef duties. Countless hours of cooking and burning, the rest of the housemates are finally HAPPY that they won’t have to starve to death. I was getting sick of Travis fail cooking! He burn his eggs……so badd.

FNL’s last show for this year…or even the last one forever! The housemates were playing for glory, and for a loved one. Don’t know exact details of prize but yea losing housemates get their loved ones slimed. Points based system, and the housemates didn’t know of results until the very end~!

First game was spinning around ten times and then smashing as many dummies down as possible 5seconds after being spun. Rory beasted through this, winning himself maximum points. Travis was just funny, he just charged into the wall and the bounced back off. No other funny stacks I’m afraid.

Next game was showcasing a sport assigned to each housemates. They had to perform the sport to last year’s FNL Finale Winner Zach. Travis was up first, doing equestrian. Yeeha! He was really imagining he was riding Thunder! Then next was Terri with her aerobics, and she was like the hosts on Aerobic Oz Style! Pro aerobics instructor! Next was Rory with his floor gymnastic routine, and it was abysmal. Not even being able to use the ball, he attempted fail cart wheels! Ben was next, and he looked very odd-looking in his ice skating  dress. Figure skating without ice proved no obstacle for Ben, as he displayed many tricks and an interpretative performance. Then we had poor Alice attempt synchronized swimming! I was thinking, is it even possible? Alice sure made it possible, and the Ninja created the water illusion by throwing water periodically. Fail! Travis won this one.

Next game was something like the game on the Racing Horse themed night, but their loved ones played for them. All the housemates did was watch. The loved ones had to hold as much water as they can as they rode on the new motorbike ride at Dreamworld. Funny game but no one spewed water out =[. The ride seems really cool, and it looks fast! Awesome ride, must try when I go back to Dreamworld! Travis’ cousin won it for Travis =o

Next game was exactly the same as another FNL’s game. THe one where housemates had to wear a rabbit suit and had to collect water from a shower on a revolving disc. I didn’t really pay attention to this game, but it would’ve been alot of shoving and bumping, and of course, Terri lieing on the disc going round and round.

Next game was the Rat Trap. I thought this game was very ingenious. Let’s just call it the Quiz of Death! Basically housemates were strapped to boards that were tilted into a pit of rats, depending if they answered a question correctly or not, or if someone answered correctly or not. At the end of their helmets, they had cheese and after about 4 times going down, housemates would be knocked out and rats would fight over the cheese. The spectacle of this game were the rats fighting for cheese. One of the rats just held on the cheese for dear life as Rory lifted up his head. Alice won this game =o

Last game was something to do with heights. Housemates were lifted up 25metres, above a target where they would chuck a cake, to determine points. Travis is the only one worth mentioning. Earlier on the daily show, Travis was talking about how he’s afraid of monkey bars. Monkey Bars are maximum 2m high. THAT’S SCARY! When Travis got harnessed up and was given his cake, he caked his clothes, hugging it like it was a teddy bar. He closed his eyes the whole way up, dropped his cake, and did well too, without looking. On the way down, Travis opened his eyes and screamed like crazy, and i just laughed.

So the winner was Rory, but the funny thing about this was that Rory’s brother got slimed accidentally. Travis thought he had one, jumping for joy when ROry’s brother got slimed. Hilarious! Good idea to slime everyone anyway, they gotta use the slime somehow. Oh well, no more FNL for a long time, even forever. Thanks to Mike,Fitzy and Bree for bringing so much fun and entertainment to accompany the games. Will miss the three somehow.