I wasn’t going to watch Sekirei but then i randomly thought, why not try it. So I did, and from having seen a bit of Love Hina, typical male protagonist and alot of chicks with enlarged boobs. Minato Sahashi is a loser guy who has failed his college exams twice, and his dwelling upon what to do. Out of the sky, Musubi, a sekirei crashes into him. Musubi is currently running away from two witches, yay with zap powers. So basically Musubi enters Minato’s life and Musubi entrusts him to be her ‘ashikabi.’ We still currently don’t know what Sekirei’s do, but they sure fight very well.  We meet the man behind all these ‘sekirei’s’, a man who let out many ‘sekireis’ to fight each other(i think) and whoever is the last one standing sends their ‘ashikabi’ to heaven. Simple! <—Read if you wanna know more

If things turn out to be like Love Hina, Minato will have 5 more sekirei friends.

I found this episode funny, very enjoyable to watch. Give it a try if you have nothing else to do with time.