Sorry for not reporting Day 80 but BB is just getting a bit boring now.

The housemates wanted to get Terri a care package since she missed out during the vending machine opportunity. So Alice Rory Travis and Ben worked for her package, by deceiving Terri into thinking it was National Nanna Day. They had to iron a basket each without her knowing. Alice and Rory were first ironing, with Ben helping with folding, Travis distracting Terri with a Breakfast in Bed. Soon they got all four baskets done, went to diary room but BB noticed they didn’t have their Ironman clothes on! No care package!

Next attempt was a play based on this week’s theme ‘Iron man.’ Alice was the ‘damsel in distress’ being saved by Ben and Rory. Travis was dressing up as a woman, very well in his character. BB needed Terri to say she enjoyed the play to get her care package back, but Terri didn’t know they were doing this play for the care package. Luckily they succeeded 🙂

Alice and her treadmill. She can never let go of it!!

Can’t write much, needa go out!