This week’s task is ‘Iron Man.’ I don’t know how it turned into an acutally ironing task! A whole bunch of clothes on the ground in the backyard and each housemates must iron and fold one basket of clothes during a specified time. Terri and Ben were first up, whilst the others were sorting through the clothes. Travis playing dress ups, allowing his hairy shorts to show.

Rory and his food grenade. Spinach,peas and beans for dinner! And BB even takes away Rory’s earlier prepared cheese salami bun snack! Mean! At least it’s better than eating Travis’s cooking. Burning broccoli and cauliflower while cooking…right. And then burning garlic bread, when you just put it in the oven. FAIL! After cooking for 3hours, Travis brings out the meal, denying he scraped the black off the garlic bread!

To keep the housemates entertained, BB gave the housemates a speed dating task. They had 3 minutes to introduce themselves to Big Brother…yea….Ben and Travis were kinda eager to have Big Brother for themselves, unlike Rory, who is like ‘Sorry Big Brother, I love ladies, do you want me to get you kleenex?’ Alice was imaginative in using the letters in her name to describe her self. ‘Active’ indeed, when you abuse the treadmill every second of the day!
So BB ended up picking Alice and wasn’t their date interesting…While Alice is eating her food, BB asks her such a tricky question. ‘Why do you think you’re single?’ and she said she thinks about that and asked if BB ever thinks about why he’s single. ‘No’…what a cold response. Then a romantic dance with some nice music. Naughty BB…first date and his hands were ‘wandering’ to Alice’s booty. Alice kept looking up and down as if BB grows tall and then suddenly shrinks. LOL. But the dance was ended with Alice being ‘spun out’. The date didn’t seem to go so well as BB ended the night telling Alice ‘Don’t be offended if BB does not call tomorrow, BB has a busy schedule.’ HAHA…what a guy.