I just forgot to say that Asuma was told to follow Sora in the previous episode!! Asuma catches up to Sora and Naruto! Asuma asks the vital question! Why did Sora want to kill Tsunade!! Sora explained with the two kings things but when Asuma explained that Furido and his accomplices were going to destroy Konoha, SORA WAS SHOCKED OH KNOWS.

Asuma knowing what was happening, rushed to the power plant, to see the 4 caskets of the Fire Village Guardians. All Charged up, they raised from the dead out of the caskets. They knew Asuma funnily enough. 3 of them went away whilst one took on Asuma. If the 4 guardians get to NSWE, they can perform a GG lime light attack, that turns Konoha into a crisp! Sakura and Yamato get called to the power station but have to catch the other 3 guardians. To make things harder, Furido’s accomplices charge off to hinder Sakura, Yamato and Naruto. Things look very grim for Konoha! Other NInjas are fighting off the dead but are realizing they are coming faster than they are killing. This is bad. Konoha is in real danger but we know they will PULL THROUGH!

I hope something lame like the ‘fight stronger than yesterday’ motivates the konoha ninjas to fight better, because they are just gonna get owned! The current situation is just a repeat of previous episodes where they had 1v1. Heck they always have 1v1 LOL.