A whopping big episode so I’ll quickly go through the list of events. ANBU capture Danzou and one of his spies. Sora is watching the interrogation between those two and Konoha. Sora gets captured, after Danzou says something about Sora and what to do with his ‘power.’ Sora asks Asuma if he killed his father as Furido told him before. Asuma admittted, so Sora unleashed his powers and went whacko! Then Sora pretty much runs away to Furido. Furido tells SOra about what his father wanted, one king for the fire country not two, prompting Sora to kill Tsunade but failing. Soon after the assassination attempt, Konoha is being attacked by Furido and his accomplices. Many ninjas fall to their earth attacks as they walk towards the village. When they arrive at the gates, they form a defensive barrier making sure no one gets out. Before hand, all power was shut down! Then after forming the barrier,  4 GG Red gates formed at NSWE, and then they raise from the dead corpses to keep the konoha ninja busy for their major plan to work. A midst of this, Naruto chases Sora and every ninja is called to save the village, and Konoha is on level 2 emergency.

I love it when Konoha gets attacked. It’s always so exciting to how they deal with it. And this time I feel as though some sub characters will die, like Asuma…noooo! Asuma is so awesome!! Cannot kill him!!  Since I’ve already seen 66 i should skip to that post.

And one more thing…100th Post!!!