Wow this episode was action packed. With Jeremiah under his lead, Lelouch was able to locate the Geass Cult, and destroy every little bit of research and people. Doing it for Shirley’s sake, as he tells C.C. I can’t believe Lelouch would actually kill off Rolo, just to blow up the Siegfried. But Rolo did kill Shirley, there was really no reason to kill Shirley, she just wanted to fight with Lelouch. With Siegfried gone and thanks to Cornelia, Rolo is still alive! V.V revealed that Rolo’s Geass is defective, it stops Rolo’s heart whenever he uses it! GG. Meanwhile Black Knights are slowly gaining other countries as allies. Now we’re left with Lelouch verses Charles. Don’t know what’s going to happen. I hope something cool happens.

Code Geass just keeps delivering!!