Skip Cherry’s farewell message. His housemate grenade is the ‘Big Sting,’ a fake snap eviction! BB is not letting the housemates easy this week. Each housemate must vote one person to evict, and person(s) with the most gets ‘fake’ evicted. This was really gonna do their heads in! Alice chose to evict Ben, Ben chose to evict Alice, Rory chose to evict Travis. Whilst Travis and Terri were waiting, they were thinking about the grenade and thought it couldn’t be a snap, after a proper eviction. They were so wrong to think so!

Terri voted for Travis and Travis voted for Terri. All in the eviction room, one by one housemates were saved but Alice wasn’t. She was so distraught she left without hugging into the BB plane. In there, she was RUNNING A TREADMILL. OMG CANT BELIEVE YOU STILL WANT TO RUN WHEN YOU SHOULD JUST HAVE A BIG CRY FOR A LONG TIME!! Anyway, other housemates feel really bad, and feeling bad for Alice. The housemates actually think Alice has been evicted. Alice even had her housemate message too! And a house grenade!! Not good for  Rory,Ben,Travis and Terri!

Rory and Terri voted Travis for the prizemoney use reason! Ben voted Travis for ‘least affecting him if he left,’ and Travis didn’t change his vote. All of them realise this snap eviction is inhumane! I agree in some respects but what did you do with Terri on the first night? So Travis is getting evicted but wait ITS A FAKE ONE! Travis gave an eviction video. The after he was reunited with Alice. They both reckoned this snap sucked..of course who wouldn’t? Anyway BB then told them they are not evicted, and both of them burst into laughter and tears? ‘Do we laugh or cry’ Alice said to Travis. Travis was so ecstatic. In Travis message, there was no message. In another video, Travis and Alice deliever the grenade, behind the roller shutters, where they would be reuniting them!

All reunited as happy housemates!! yay!! Into the diary room they were called. ANOTHER EVICTION PLEASE! Big Brother said his apologies  for messing with their minds. He said ‘This was an exercise to reveal more of your character to the people who are voting.’ Of Course that’s good reason to do so. Rory was not happy when he saw Travis and Alice. Pissed off at BB so much!

That’s all really. Who will win? It’s a battle between Rory and Terri if anyone.