Knowing nothing about this anime (even about it’s previous version in 1996) I was thoroughly impressed with the episode overall. Opening sequence pulled us onto Birdy’s adventure to arrest space criminals! After failing, we’re immediately taken to Birdy’s earth life, she’s not human though she looks can be deceiving. She’s on earth to capture Geegar, one of the criminals she failed to capture. She becomes a human,Shion, a hot sexy model! Very ironic to her heroic character. None the less, we meet some school children, who seem to have no relation to Birdy whatsoever, until two of them go exploring a ruin, where Birdy and Geegar fight.The story begins after Birdy ‘accidentally’ kills a young boy during the fight. Slashed in half!! We all knew he was dead, until we see him alive…with an unexpected extra voice.

I look forward to the next episode. I wonder how Tsutoya?!? the boy will deal with his body. I want to know more about Birdy and Tuto…because there was no real introduction about them, their past…who are they anyway? We only know they are Space Police!