Haven’t seen Big Brother for a while and the house has changed so much! Pamela Anderson rocking things up with housemates. With her last visit to the house, she bears gifts of photos! First time seeing these photos and I was amazed at how all the housemates looked in their photos (except for Travis). They all got autographs from Pamela. Terri got her name spelt wrong =( Pamela seems so down to earth, more real than the other housemates! As Pamela left the house, she accidentally said ‘mine’ part of a game from dinner where you must do 10 pushups if you say the word ‘mine.’ It was hilarious seeing her do 10 pushups because it would’ve been hard!

Slumber Party after Pamela left. Big Teddies, Blankets, Pillows, PJ’s, with food and cold rock icecream!! How fun!! Everyone got involved into pillow fights! Time came for Ben to leave the slumber party, BB allowing him to take a Teddy, which he didn’t even take!! But he took blankets. During the party, Cherry got asked about Brigitte and if they could pursue a relationship outside the house. Yes he said, and I would also imagine yes.

Silent Disco Task took most of the weekend away for the housemates. Good for some as it actually gave them something to do. Housemates dressed up into disco costumes and then stood on their on dancing disks. They had sunglasses blindfolds and mp3 players to put on. The housemate who dances the longest gets a package from home. So the housemates danced. Not good dancing! Terri’s a legend, dancing without music the whole time. Cherry danced too hard and was disqualified for stepping off his disc. So then he decided to sabotage the other housemates. Placed farm animals around. Put random stuff (pumpkin soup, onion,garlic,tuna) into their bottles of water. Hilarious when Travis drank the pumpkin soup water. Ben then fell off trying to do some tricky move o_o. More sabotaging, as they place moisturizer on the discs to make it slippery. They probably chucked sauce on the housemates, saw some brown stains on Alice. Terri  was the next to fall! More sabotaging as Terri pours water into a bucket to make it sound like piss…no one can hear it Terri! BB disqualified Travis for standing not dancing. Then Rory and Alice, danced for 10hours straight, and for health reasons, BB declared it a tie. Woot! Rory wins for once!!

As predicted, Cherry is evicted with a whopping 50% of votes! Cherry played the game hard! Cherry is to blame for Nobbi’s downfall. We get revenge at last muahaha. Now that Brigitte and Cherry are out, they can do whatever they like. Kyle kept pushing them to do something, and something probably will happen between the two. There’s always a couple from Big Brother, and I’m sure they both will be.