New Opening and Ending themes. Impressed by the opening, very good song choice! FLOW never lets us down =p I thought the Ending Song was really bad choice…the first series of Code Geass opening and endings were very bad. I don’t really like ALI PROJECT, their singing is just weird.Here’s the new opening for you all to enjoy!

Gripping episode!! With Jeremiah around, you would think you’d see the defeat of the Black Knights. Jeremiah’s a freaking beast, pretty much made of metal with imba geass canceller, as demonstrated owning Rolo’s Geass. Jeremiah on the lose to find Lelouch! The repercussion of Shirley regaining her memories was indeed interesting. Liking Lelouch rather than hate, unlike Suzaku. After a weird talk, Lelouch has Jeremiah under his command(not geass). Weird history turns Jeremiah into an ally. With Shirley dieing, we are certainly going to see more and more vital characters die off. I’m not sure who shot Shirley, but if it is Rolo who shot her, then Lelouch is screwed and Rolo has put up a brilliant act. Can’t wait for next episode!

Screencaps up later so check back later!