The housemates are getting closer to the end but BB isn’t going to make it easy for them.

With Brigitte’s new handgrenade, Rori got served his lunch by BB. Mmmm…delicious steamed vegetables with rice and pine nuts. It’ll be hilarious if Cherry wins FNL again cause as the Head of House, he can’t help Travis again and it’ll be more Travis cooking. BB warned the housemates many times that they’re not allowed to assist Travis in anyway but they just can’t help themselves I guess. Terri helped cook the rack of lamb and Cherry was cooking the steaks …bad move guys.

As a result, BB confiscates the food so the housemates tried to take a bite before they had to take it to the diary room but BB is like “Any housemates who partook in the food are to spit it out.” Travis is of course taking a posimistic attitude saying that at least he’ll get to learn to cook really well this week. How typical, BUT Travis got a bit out of character, he got annoyed at nanna Terri (though he didn’t admit it) cause she was criticizing his efforts to cook and wasn’t giving him the support he needs.

BB gave Ben and Travis a task as the younger housemates, to help the oldest housemate fit in by giving Terri a makeover!!! They had to make her walk, talk and look like an EMO. HAHA, her expression was priceless. When they finished the makeover, Terri did a little show outside the cloud door in the backyard. She was like, “My mum hates me, my dad hates me and I got kicked out of my house.” She even gave the housemates the finger when Alice booed her and Terri called her a blonde bitch. ROFL. Emo Terri. Then to the diary room where BB asked how she felt and she said, pretty crap. Then she recited a poem:

My time in the house has been nothing but sad,
And all ever I wanted was to be really really bad.
Yesterday was Day 73,
And BB will never understand me.

Bravo Terri, you guys passed the task.

It’s circus night *cue circus music*
Tonight is a free-for-all with a point system in the games and the winner gets a 42 inch plasma TV. 😮
The housemates are dressed up as clowns and, of course, have massive shoes.

The first game was Pie Face. Each housemate had to carry to cream pies through an obstacle course. They had to step through two hoops, go through a small door, over and under some bars, through another hoop and dive through the final hoop, ending with the slamming of the cream pies into two cardboard clowns. Sadly no stacks despite the massive shoes but Terri was struggling so badly. She could hardly get her legs over the hoops cause she’s so short. HAHAHA. Rori ended up being the fastest in 17 seconds and got 5 points and Terri was slowest so she got 0 points. Awww.

Second round – Kissing Booth. RARARA.
They did this game before on FNL. I remember it.
So one housemate is blindfolded and the rest of the housemates choose one of themselves to go and kiss the blindfolded housemate anywhere on the face except for the blindfold.
Alice is first. Housemates picked Terri. A light peck on the cheek and Alice could tell it was a female so obviously, it was Terri. Ben next. Cherry was the kisser. Another kiss on the cheek. But Ben actually recognised Cherry’s aftershave and guessed him from that?!?! Is Cherry one of those guys that uses aftershave in massive amounts? Cherry’s up and Ben volunteers to return the favour. *Moi*. A kiss on the cheek but alas, he guessed Alice. I wonder if Alice is has, like, a stubbly chin? Hmmm….
Rori now and again Ben volunteers. Is it just me or is a trend popping up? Rori had his mouth open…HAHA…tempting to go for a full mouth pash but still cheek. He guessed Travis. Nanna’s time to get kissed. It’s Rori and to be honest, I was actually hoping that he would be brave enough for some tongue action but a kiss close to the lips let Terri guess it was Rori. Travis was last and Cherry was gonna deliver the final kiss but ended up giving him a lick on the cheek. Travis gagged a little (Try a breathmint Cherry) then licked Travis’ nose. HAHA…Travis guessed right. Correct guesses were worth 5 points.

Third Game – Musical Chairs
Similar to the previous games like on Heavy metal? night with the microphone + stands but this time, they actually played musical chairs with chairs. And i hope everyone knows what musical chairs is…
Anyways, first round and Terri is already out. I don’t think she even tried cause she was barely in the circle by the time everyone was already sitting down. Second round got a bit violent between Travis and I think it was Alice? He tried to get Alice off but couldn’t =( Next round said bye to Alice while Cherry just grabbed a chair and ran away with it before he sat down….very good strategy. Down to the three boys and then it got interesting. Cherry did his strategy again but Ben and Rori were fighting over the other chair. Rori was about to sit on it but Ben grabbed it so they started wrestling for the chair. Rori had Ben in the doggy position ….too much CLOWNING around I think….but again…anyone seeing a pattern emerging with Ben? Well, final round saw Ben slip a little, giving Cherry a slight lead, allowing him to get the 5 points.

Game Four – The Great Escape.
The housemates have straightjackets on (not really, more like white lifevests) and have one minute to escape from them. They have eight keys in their hand and two locks on the vest which are opened by two different keys. If they didn’t escape in the minute, they get slimed. Once they do escape, they run to the table in front of them and grab a disc with points on it and yell something like “I am the greatest Houdini.” Surprisingly, Terri’s slow and steady allowed her to get free first by quite a margin. I think Alice was the only other person to escape but they all ran away when BB said time’s up and Rori was the only one who actually stayed seated and got slimed. LOOOL.

So the point tally is: Alice – 13 Ben – 12 Cherry – 9 Rori – 8 Terri – 10 Travis – 7
Last chance recovery for the three lowest-scorers as they eat for the final spot. Mmmmm…custard pie. Rori was eating it pretty slowly. Probably savouring the taste cause it’s the best meal he’s gonna get for a long time. Travis and Cherry were ravaging through their custard pies and it was a really tight finished but the winner was TRAVIS!!!! What an upset. Guess Cherry will help with the cooking this week.

Round Five – Clown Head
They competed in pairs in two separate rounds. Ben vs. Alice and Terri vs. Travis.
The housemates had a funnel around their necks and had to collect balls that fell from these tubes that came out of the clown heads. Kinda like the game where you put balls in the clown’s mouth but in reverse. There were four tubes and Alice had to get blue balls while Ben got the red balls. There was no penalty for getting the other colour and sometimes, water ballons came down. To be honest, it was a pretty boring game. Not much excitement…Ben won with 13 balls, Alice had 11. I hope that 13 jinxes him in the finals. I wanna see Travis win.
Second round of this game. Travis vs. Terri.
I’ll be honest again, this seemed pretty rigged cause Travis took the two tubes on the left, Terri the two on the right. Although the housemates don’t have to stay stationary so I guess it’s not really rigged…but Travis’ side had so many more balls. In the end, Terri had 7 blue balls while Travis had a whopping 23 red balls.

Final Round – Circus Putt Putt
It’s just as it sounds. Ben and Travis had to putt a golf ball through the obstacle course and get it into the hole at the end. They could have as many putts as they wanted but they weren’t allowed to push the ball, hockey-style. Ben got ahead at the beginning which meant he unintentionally blocked Travis a bit so he struggled a little while Ben raced through the rest of the course and won FNL + the plasma.
OMG….the trophy is so creepy looking. It has these three jester type dolls with bobbly heads…that is just so creepy to me…especially at night. Clowns are scary. >_<

LOL Ben might be Head of House but he still has to stay outside the house. But BB isn’t fully slack. Tonight he can use the showers to clean up for Pamela Anderson. BB is so crushin on her.

I leave you now with a quote from Cherry.
Dating is like feeding rabbits. You gotta give them(girls) a little bit at a time.