With 13 members, there’s so much love to give. ^.^ But I have to say…I love Siwon and Sungmin the most. Siwon is so super polite and gentlemanly and his cute hand gestures when he’s talking. How can you not love him? Except for his height…grrr…I must grow to his height one day. Btw, I’m really really short, bk201 is pretty much a whole head taller than me. And Sungmin is so adorakable. *poke poke…..squish*

Okay, so since they’ve been pretty busy in recent times with all the subgroups (Suju-M and Suju-H) and their expansion to Japan, I’ve decided to post up some cuts from their show, Explorers of the Human Body, from late last year to early this year. This show pretty much puts the members of Suju through various tests and activities to answer questions about the human body.

So the first cut I have is from Episode 2 and its about the stomach. Before this, they made Sungmin and Shindong and probably some other members which I can’t remember (don’t blame me, it was a long time ago), eat as much food as they could. It was to test whether you could still eat dessert even if you were completely full. I think there was some sort of saying or something how you have one stomach for food and another for rice cakes? Anyways, he’s so cute in this, they bring in his favs and his face just lights up and his pretending to think…we all know you want that cake. And his face when host Shin Dong Yup tells him to stop eating, LOL he’s like, What? I’ll just take one more bit ^.^

This next one is for Siwon-shi. From Ep.3 about strength, they’re hooking Siwon up to this machine that lets off electricity I think to stimulate his muscles so we can all see his abs. Dayum…I am so jealous at the moment… But his laugh…it was so…high? He sounded like a little schoolboy or something. So strange. It would be like putting Travis’ voice with Cherry’s body.

Eunhyuk + Sungmin vs. Donghae – And this final one is from Ep.12 about breathing underwater. I’m not gonna embed the vid cause bk201 is probably gonna get pissed when he comes back to find all these vids…Anywho, SuJu were split into 2 teams which had to find the best way to survive underwater. One team could go to the supermarket and buy whatever was there to help them while the other team had to try the method seen in the movies of passing air. It’s hilarious how Eunhyuk rejects Kangin and reaches for Sungmin. HAHA, there’s absolutely no trust between Kangin and Eunhyuk.

There’s more guys. I wanna make up for not doing a post yesterday so today there’s gonna be a double dose of K-stuffs. Watch out for the second post later on today ^.^

Bye Bye…for now.