I promised you guys a second post and I also promised some more recent stuffs so why not do both at the same time and show you guys some of the music I’ve been listening to at the moment.

Of course, my playlist would not exist without having some DBSK in it so the first vid/song is their newest single which technically isn’t actually released until a bit later but oh well. Here’s one version of the PV which actually has shots of the boys in it and isn’t is fully drama based (sorry guys, the other version got deleted). DBSK’s どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう which basically translates to Why have I fallen for you?

For those of you who aren’t Jap literate and wanna know what the guy and the girl are saying:
This re-re-uploaded version has subs.

Girl: Long time no see.
Guy: Long time no see. Have you been well?

Girl: I’m….getting married.

Guy: He mouths omedetou which is congratulations.

Guy: Be happy.
Girl: Goodbye.

I’m hoping that this vid doesn’t get deleted anytime soon but it probably will so you guys better watch it soon. There’s just one comment I have to make apart from Yunho’s hair being really nice but Micky…why those pants? It makes you stand out and look weird + I don’t think it suits him. But still, it’s a really nice song and an alright plot? to the drama thing.

Since I’m limiting myself to only embedding two videos per post, it was a really tough decision to make but I hope you guys watch all of them either way. After much debate (with myself?) I decided to give the newbies the spotlight. These boys only debuted a while ago and some of them are even younger than me?!?! It’s SHINee (pronounced like shiny) and these 5 boys are really starting to catch on. This is their debut single “Noona you’re so pretty (Replay)”. Enjoy.

I’ve already developed biased-ness-es to these boys cause I really like Jonghyun who is the first dude you see in this vid with the headphones around his neck and is also the first dude that sings. But I really don’t like Taemin…I’m sorry. Even though he’s the youngest one and a pretty good dancer, I just can’t stand his hair and he looks a bit scrawny….but I guess it would be pedo of me to like him so it’s a good thing I don’t =) Btw…I’ve had Replay on replay all morning and I’m still not sick of it.

Wonder Girls – So Hot
Okay, you guys really need to watch this in high quality cause to me, the standard quality is really bad. This song has a pretty catchy chorus bit and a good overall feel, and I’m sure this single will meet similar popularity as their earlier “Tell Me”. Now whether it is hot or just plain slutty, that’s up to you but I still think this is a really good song.

Super Junior-M – At Least There’s Still You
See…my playlist isn’t just filled with Korean and Jap stuff. There’s still some Chinese stuff…kind of. This is probably my favourite song out of the whole ‘Me’ album but I’ve heard other artists sing it to so…? Anyways, I love this song and I’ve linked to their performance on this Chinese show called Very Big Star or SuperStar or…well, the name’s not important. They’re so good in this…but I get to watch Suju-M on TV later on when the other part of Bravely Moving Forward airs. Hehe, jealous?

DBSK – Beautiful You
Since I’m here for five days, I thought, five was a good number of songs to put up too, so we finish today with the fifth song, DBSK’s Beautiful You. Great song and might I add Yunho = hotness in this. And so does Jaejoong, and Changmin. However, once again, I have to say, Micky’s hair…what was with those blonde ends? Seriously…personally, I don’t think they looked good but it’s not up to me. At least their gone now…only to be replaced by something that makes him really look like a girl. I mean that in the nicest way possible though.

Okay…that’s enough…here’s some scans from the August ARENA37℃. I’m not gonna put too many cause bk201 is probably not going to like it if I go fully picspam but enjoy.



I think they all look really nice in this, even Micky…too an extent. I still stand by what I said. Micky looks a bit like a girl. Other than that, they all look really good, especially Changmin and of course Yunho as always.

Okay guys, that’s it for today.

Bye Bye ^.^