A continuation of last night’s events in today’s daily show.

Firstly, Pamela Anderson is only coming and going from the house. She’s not actually going to be sleeping with the housemates so I’m guessing no showering either. =( Lots of talking and cause she’s a vegetarian to the max, PETA came up and Travis was like, what’s that…I’ve heard of WWA. LOOOOOOOL Gotta love that boy. So those cards she was holding, they were questions to the housemates. First to Ben,  What pick up line would use if you saw me, Pamela Anderson, in a bar? And he said, “Smile if you wanna kiss me” I wonder if that pick up line would actually work? But the question to Travis. If we went on a date, where would you take me? His response is so good. We’d go riding through Sydney on my horse Thunder with green cordial in our hands. HAHAHA. Again, you gotta love this boy. But alas, Pammy left at the end of dinner.

As you all know, Brigitte got snapped last night so the housemates watched her goodbye video. She said that she didn’t regret anything she said or did (Cherry) in the house and left her $25,000 to Alice. She seemed really sad and she was really sweet. “To my house mummy, Terra, we didn’t hate each other and I learned a lot from you. You taught me how to knit and you still didn’t give me my shorts. I’ll miss you.” Then there was only Alice to say goodbye to (she already did the others) and that’s when she got really emotional. She was like “Stop crying you idiot” to herself and Alice was in tears too. “You taught me so much and you helped me realise there’s other things in my life and inspired me to actually go to uni next year and thankyou so much.” It was a super sad moment and in the beginning, she’s like, I’m can’t talk, I’m so sad. *sniff*

On a lighter note, it was also time for the hand grenade. This was to the person who teased her and called her a rich little blonde bimbo…of course it’s Rori. Now Rori must live on the most basic foods which BB will deliver through the diary room, giving him the three basic meals. It will be nutritious but dull and Rori can’t eat any other prepared meals. Poor Rori, but now Travis is actually the only one who can cook in the house so maybe Rori is better off? At least the meals he gets is cooked by someone other than Travis.

It was rise and shine for the BB housemates for some make up and hair in preparation for their photoshoot with Pamela Anderson. Oh, and Rori’s breakfast is also in the diary room…some nice porridge and an apple. Too bad Rori doesn’t eat porridge so it looks like an apple for brekkie.

YAY, housemate calendar photoshoot time. They had these bikinis for the girls but of course, nanna Terri decided to go for the conservative onepiece. Alice did something a bit more revealing but both chose the sexy black colour. The boys…they had really tight trunks and some boardies too. Pamela told Rori that he could put a sock in his….LOOOL….but she added that it was a little cold….it’s okay Rori. She then said that they needed to oil up and started rubbing oil onto Rori….wonder if that made his bulge a little bigger? OMG…Ben was so open with Pamela, maybe he was only frigid with Bianca? He wanted to return the favour and oil Pamela…too bad she said she was already oiled….Benny boy got rejected.

When they started taking photos, Cherry did his lying down and when the dude took the shots, Pamela said they were hot!!! Jealous much Rori? Ben did some vowel posing because Pamla told the housemates that to be a playboy, you gotta know your vowels. A, E, I, O, U….oh yeah, I could so be a playboy bunny…if I was a girl. Anyways, Travis did his with those lifesaver things (the round things that look like the lifesaver lollies) and I thought he was really struggling…well at least the photographer was, trying to get a good shot of him…if that’s even possible. His mouth was so screwed up (USE YOUR VOWELS) and you could see his hairy bike shorts *blergh* Now, Terri did a water shoot. Poor nanna’s eyes were hurting from the light reflecting off the water but Pamela said that water shots were always the best looking ones. Alice had this net prop when she did her shoot and Pamela told her to put it in her mouth and hold it against her body. Then they moved her to the shade and did a close up shot with Pamela holding the net near her face.

After that was all done, the boys had a look at Alice’s photos and Travis was like, “I’ve been living with THAT for ten weeks?!?!?!? Alice looked really good in hers. Most of the shots were pretty good/hot/sexy and what not but Travis’…don’t quit your day job.